Sweet & sour pork #糖醋里脊
you need:
– Pork loin 250g, thin sliced
– White pepper x 1 tsp
– Cooking wine x 2 tbsp
– Salt x 2 tsp
– Egg x 1, beaten
– Tapioca or wheat starch, 80-100g
– Oil x 100ml
– Ketchup 50g
– Sugar x 2 tbsp
– White vinegar 40 tbsp
– Corn starch water 40ml
– White sesame 1 tsp
To prepare
1. Mix pork with white pepper, cooking wine, salt. Marinate for 30 minutes.
2. Add egg, mix well.
3. Place wheat starch in a large, flat pan. Dip porn slices in starch one by one, place them aside in another place.
4. Heat up cooking oil in a small, deep pot. Deep fry pork under medium high heat until cooked through. Take them out, wait until oil temperature raise about 190 degrees, deep fry second time to get crispy coating. Take them out, set aside.
5. Heat up a wok pan with some oil, add ketchup, fry until smells good, add sugar and vinegar. Add pork, mix well.
6. Add corn starch water, you will see the sauce become thicken. Reduce until almost dried. Turn off heat. Sprinkle white sesame seeds on top.
7. Serve warm.
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