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#Invited ✋ up if you’ve been to the Pho Mile in Shoreditch, London. There are plenty of Vietnamese restaurants in London but there isn’t quite the concentration anywhere else as compared to this part of Shoreditch.

Last night, we popped along to visit @mientayrestaurants. Previously we enjoyed their hearty hotpot but this time we wanted to order a variety of dishes.

Pictured in the foreground is a popular classic, crunchy noodles with king prawns. It was generously portioned and was served along with decent amounts of vegetables.

I enjoyed their special pho which was served with beef brisket and beef balls. The noodles were suitably smooth with a meaty tasting broth.

In these tricky times, most restaurants are shortening their menus but here the menu is extensive. We also tried scallops in black bean sauce, pak choi in oyster sauce, sweet and sour seafood soup and crispy seaweed. Variety is certainly the spice of life.

There were plenty of locals bringing in their own bottles of wine last night which is a kind offer from the restaurant.