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Not only is their duck excellent, their other Chinese dishes, including this shrimp dish, is definitely superb as well. Cooked in a 宮爆 (Kung pao) sauce, a thick sweet and sour sauce flavoured with chillies, the shrimp is then stir-fried together with peanuts, cashews, and chillies for a crisp layer. It is this extra addition of cashews (as most 宮爆 only use peanuts) which enhance the flavour as this provides a sweeter tone compared to peanuts which elevates the 宮爆 sauce itself. Moreover, such is the freshness of the shrimp that even through the thick rich sauce, the oceanic umami of the shrimp tomalley still shines while the shrimp remains springy in texture. Don’t let the Kung pao name fool you, this isn’t like the dishes from faux-Asian restaurants, this is a saucy dish cooked almost to perfection!
One word description: “Tradition”
Dish: “宫爆虾球”
Dish rating: 8.5/10
Cost: RMB198
Overall restaurant rating: 8/10 (Great food and vibes but come with friends as portions are large!)
🍱 全鸭季
🗺️ 北京市东城区金宝街98号