Kung Pao Chicken on this week! ‘Kung Pao’ and ‘Yu Xiang’ aka ‘fish fragrant’ are both typical ‘ Lychee’ flavour profile dish in Sichuan cooking( very Sichuan style flavour type, and there’s big lychee, small lychee etc). Do you know the most significant difference? It’s the chilli! ‘Kung Pao’ always use dry chilli, ‘ Yu Xiang’ uses fermented Chilli, also pickled bamboo! ‘ Lychee flavour profile’, the name comes from the sauce, using sugar and black rice vinegar, soy sauce, has a sweet and sour taste. We say a good Kung pao dish need to only have a circle of oil on the plate, no sauce! sauce should be evenly coated on the ingredients.
Our version, using traditional recipe, with free range chicken, Sichuan dry chilli, Sichuan peppercorn, peanut, cucumber, and a lot of spring onion. This dish is actually not spicy, the 🌶 is more on the fragrance side rather than the heat side.
we cannot stop eating it! #宫保鸡丁 #kungpaochicken